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What is the venus factor system?

The venus index system is the diet plan that consists of fitness tools that will give you the figure you have always wanted, while you still enjoy the life to its fullest. When it was launched by John Barban it immediately became a craze, enabling women all around the world to reashape their bodies. diet and fat loss system has completely revolutionized the contemporary approach to weight loss in the female body. John Barban created hope for numerous women, who have struggled with owerweight issue with various methods and fitness programs.

Venus index products

Venus index

You are probably wondering what do you get with the venus factor system. Well, there is one simple answer- a lot!

Personal attention from John Barban

Person in headset with notebook

Yes, you get the personal attention from the John Barban, he is opened for all your questions, after all, he is the creator of the program, so he will know the answer on any problem that might be holding you from achieving the wanted results.

Mobile apps and various softwares

Venus Index Mobile apps

Mobile apps and all kind of programs will help you to measure your progress, calculating burned fat, protein intake, calories spent, etc. The virtual nutritionist is the best example, this program will calculate your ideal waists, your ideal shoulder circumference, your ideal hip circumference range, sugested daily protein intake, maximum possible weekly fat loss, ideal weight at the end of the program and much more. To conclude, this mobile app will completely help you calculate the amount of protein and calories you should consume after taking into account your body measurements.

Special workouts that are created for your individual goals

Venus Index Specializations

Plenty of workout plans, numerous options that will ensure the exact results you desire-Venus index brand offers them. The workout plan is really flexible, you can split the sessions and exercises the way you want, the way you find easiest, and when you complete whole 12 week program, the results are definitely going to be noticable.



Video fitness lessons

Venus Index Video

A great deal of video lessons that will give you the right picture of performing exercises, thus, it will also help you to learn advanced techniques and the right way to do them.

Premium Access to the Paid Supplement Database from Renowned Natural Standard

This will be of a great help when you want to learn the truth about any ingredient or supplement. You get premium access to the big supplement database where you can check every possible component of the venus index products. And as far as buying supplements is concerned, you should always check the science about them, there is a big chance that you will throw them out of your chart when you find out exactly what are you buying.

Instant acces into the elite areas of the Venus index community

John Barban Forum

The venus index community is the most honest, friendly and helpful fitness comunity in the world. This feature is a strong and a supportive community, where women all around the world help work out each others issues. A positive supportive community of like minded individuals is the key to success, nobody can do it alone. A common thing to hear from our contestants is that if there was no venus index community, they would have never won the fitness contest. Membership on this site will provide you a community of caring, helpful people with similar problems, where you can share your opinions, help people which will later in some way help you. You will find a quick answer on any question and different perspectives and approaches from multiple members. Furthermore, buying any of the venus index products, you will get instant free membership for free.

Over 100 Premium UNCENSORED Podcasts

Venus Index Uncensored

Every week there are uncensored podcats, buying one of the venus index products you will get access to the past, future and present seasons. There is a discussion about latest supplements, science findings, etc. Nobody discusses about the articles of the jourlnalists, it is discussed about the opinions and researches of the customers. You will know every single important news from the world of fitness, such as: who is on drugs, latest supplements recommendations and similar trends.

Access to Covert Nutrition Videos

Nutrition calculator

Which will make fat loss so much easier, enabling you to calculate calorie intake, body fat loss and in that way improving your workout overall. Not only that, it comes with nutrition facts about all kinds of food. This really cool software feature will definitely help you progress faster and with much more ease.

Access to all the workouts

All workout videos and exercises fromt the PHASE 1, PHASE 2, and PHASE 3 plus  the circuits and boosters will be yours, helping you to lose fat faster, more appropriate and easier with all kinds of excersise plans.


This useful software will track all your progress, allowing you to log into your account and track improvement using our sleek graphs. Tracking progress will allow you to make an objective determination of what worked and what didn’t. This is the single most important thing to solving the muscle building and fat loss riddle of your own body.


So you are probably wondering is it even possible that you get all these for one single venus index product. Maybe it is crazy, but it is most likely that you will get excellent results and the venus factor system company still makes minor profit. It is important to have on mind that they will always be adding more quality content into the venus index product packages. Moreover, the price will keep going up as they add more content, just like they have done it several times in the past, when the girls were always regretting not acting on it sooner.

Anyway, venus index products are really quality made and buying them can not be a waste of money since they include all of these cool features, So take the offer today and save yourself some money and frustration in the long run.


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